RAPID – “Glass and Aluminum's"  aim has never been to be the biggest manufacturer, but to manufacture the best quality windows in the market at a competitive price. These are the windows "YOU" have asked for. As a home owner, choosing your home’s windows is not a reversible exercise. Therefore choose quality, aesthetics and practicality as your perfect combination. Windows have a way of completely transforming the look of your home—from the inside and the outside. When RAPID decided to manufacture and supply windows, we wanted to make sure that we stood out from other window suppliers. That’s why RAPID has created windows that suit every possible customer need—no matter how specific. We’ve even thought of some things you may have missed in your window shopping list. These include important factors such as weatherproofing, long-lasting window fittings, and a durable frame structure.

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Some Benefits of Aluminium Windows:
Good thermal performance
It reduces the Carbon Footprint - Aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and will not lose its quality during this process.
The recycling process of aluminium takes only 5% of the initial energy that it took to manufacture. This saves tonnes of CO² and greenhouse emissions every year.
Aluminium windows are also strong, durable and don't require a lot of maintenance.
They are also resistant to corrosion and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Contrasting to other window frame materials, aluminium window frames do not swell, split, crack or wrap over time. This ensures an extended product life and in return saves you money.
Aluminium windows can be used anywhere, from your office buildings, to houses, old or new.
Compared to other materials and the maintenance they require, aluminium windows are the more affordable option.
Aluminium window frames can be painted or anodised to match any design or look.
The above mentioned benefits of aluminium windows clearly show you that they are the perfect solution to your needs and with a trustworthy manufacturer like Rapid Aluminium, you can be assured of getting only the best products and best advice at a price that suits you.
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