In addition to providing natural lighting all day long, thereby providing savings on electricity costs, a skylight enhances the aesthetic beauty and value of a property. More light into your home, office or other property means a healthier outlook on life as sunlight increases the efficiency of the heart.
Rapid's skylights takes form such as square, rectangular or pyramid.  Can be made to any size and we design to your specifications. Costs are similar to moulded acrylic skylights, which are only available in standard sizes.


Standard acrylic skylights


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes such as dome, flat, pyramid, barrel vault and are square, round or rectangular.
  • "Rapid" can also design and manufacture a custom solution to suit your specific requirements.
  • Highly competitive prices: whether you are looking for roof window skylights, tunnel skylights or glass tunnels, loft windows, patio skylights or glass awnings. 
  • Rapid have a Highly skilled team with experience in the glass and skylight business, and through our thorough knowledge and understanding of the skylight industry, Rapid has earned an enviable reputation as specialists in the craft.