Smooth and effortless sliding action.

Easy to manufacture and install.


Can accommodate the Crealco Horizon shutters, assisting the control of natural light.



The heavy Duty high-performance sliding door is suitable for both single and double glazing options.



Good quality and affordable gaskets and seals that are locally available.



Available in all 5 Standard powder coating colours and a variety of popular architectural colours and finishes.



Reinforced interlockers for improved windload performance.

Durable and secure locking mechanisms available.

The Heavy Duty Aluminium Sliding Door high-performance sliding door is the perfect choice for residential and commercial markets, where wide-open spaces are required.

The Heavy Duty Aluminium Sliding Door allows for large door openings of up to three meters high, resulting in a borderless panoramic view from the inside to the outside of your environment. The Heavy Duty Aluminium Sliding Door has been designed to withstand severe wind loads and weather conditions effectively.

The palace sliding door range is a higher end product for the homeowner. The palace range is made to Architect specifications. This range can be supplied single or double glazing. Options of 60mm or 90mm door styles available. Palace sliding doors are supplied with 6.38mm shatterproof safety glass, complying to SANS 10 400 (TSG) Part N glazing regulations and international standards.

palace sliding doors